never microwave a caprisun

what did you do

i microwaved a caprisun

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oh no tiny people
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oh no tiny people

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RWBY shipping, and why you are not serious enough about it.


How dare I say this you ask? How dare I say you are not serious enough about RWBY shipping? With all of your fanart, fanfiction, fangames, fanthoughts, fanfruit, fanman, fanboy and… wait what? 

So do you want to discover why you are not serious enough about RWBY shipping? Click the read more and find out, if you think you have what it takes.

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bare minimum? i thought you meant bear minimum. as in the smallest amount of bears possible. which is why i brought one bear. there’s one bear. aka. the smallest amount of bears possible. i mean this is a problem but at least it’s not like. bear maximum

and don’t forget the bear necessities

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I wish that you could make lists or folders on fanfiction.net

you could be like,

"Smut fics"

"Almost-smut fics"

"Cute fics about cuddling after nightmares"



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… I’m crazy but you like it …

Saw this video for the first time yesterday and LOVED it!



… I’m crazy but you like it …

Saw this video for the first time yesterday and LOVED it!

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And you can see her heart break.


And you can see her heart break.

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the end of volume one was so intense


the end of volume one was so intense

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When I play New Super Mario Brothers 2 on my 2DS, I like to be Luigi.

When he grabs a flag, he says “I’m the winner!”

Yes, I whisper

You are a winner, Luigi

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Ok no but seriously if Cinder needs Pyrrha then she obviously has to have an advantage over her.

Jaune’s character is supposed to be a genderbend of Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc who is burned at the stake by a Cardinal. That Cardinal being the Bishop of Winchester.

I’ve been wondering how Cardin…

I seriously fucking hope Pyrrha isn’t “beaten” or “captured” or “forced against her will” because of fucking Jaune.

I don’t want this living example of the term “independent badass girl” to be distraught or forced to make a choice or any anime trope bullshit like that because of her crush on some boy.

If Pyrrha has won a fucking regional tournament 4 years in a row and can solo an entire team by herself, she’s more than strong enough to protect her team and leader without letting whatever “romantic feelings” she has for him interfere. She’s not fucking stupid. He is.

If Cinder and co get to Pyrrha through Jaune I’m quite literally going to break the closest thing to hand. I love RWBY and I don’t want to doubt the writers but it really does look like Jaune is going to be basically a door for the bad guys to get at the current strongest.

I don’t fucking want that.

I didn’t fucking want the writers (presumably) to make Pyrrha throw Mercurys kick off just so he could get the intel he needed. She could have EASILY avoided that kick, dived for her weapon, retrieved it and carried on the fight as normal, but NO. If Mercury worked it out THROUGHOUT the fight (he was actually trying against her), or Emerald was watching the way Pyrrha fought and moved while they dueled, then I could understand them working out Pyrrhas semblance and how she uses it.

Instead it was THROWN IN THERE and I hate that.

It’s like Blakes faunus thing all over again, just worse.

Yo xpec, I know this is just your opinion and I’m gonna take it with a grain of salt, but I had a few thoughts about Pyrrha after reading it.

I don’t know how independent Pyrrha really is. I’d bet she’s actually pretty lonely. Even she said that guys weren’t asking her to the dance. She’s the “invincible girl”. She’s so far out of everyone’s league that they won’t even try. Not just try to fight her, but to get to know her either.

Weiss was clearly very lonely, but tried to be the independent badass girl, initially rebelling against Ruby, who was (and is) far more skilled than Jaune. Pyrrha seemed all for the “Jaune as leader” idea and did whatever she could to help him from the very beginning.

I think she didn’t want to be the team leader. She was the most qualified, she was the obvious choice, but she probably had to be the leader for a lot of her life. Her good nature was probably taken advantage of, more than once.

Look at her in both of the intros: in Vol 2, she’s standing alone with her head down until her team comes to get her. In Vol 1, one of the shots is of her leaning on Jaune. (maybe farfetched, but Vol 2 says enough)

As for Mercury, I think he wanted to really drive home the “invincible girl” idea. She was gonna kick his ass after taking down all of CRDL, so in the middle of the fight he gave up. The class wouldn’t know about his intel-gathering, so they probably just figured “he knew he would still lose, so why even try?” It was psychological manipulation. Rubbing it in Pyrrha’s face that she’s so good that no one will even try against her any more. 

Will Jaune be her weakness? Not sure, but he’s sure not helping at the moment. Maybe Cinder has some other dirt on her, who knows?

If Jaune, her partner who trains with her and sleeps in the same room as her every night, who has to work with her and eat meals with her every day, who depends on her in life-and-death situations and vice versa, is threatened, Pyrrha may slip up.

Because it’s easy to forget, but she’s a 17 year old girl. She’s basically in military school to learn to save the world from monsters and terrorists and conspiracies. Not many 17 year olds do so great with that. It’s a vulnerable age; you’re not a child but not an adult either.

And with the release schedule of RWBY, we probably won’t find out anything until 2 years from now.

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Could be awesome or go terribly, TERRIBLY wrong


what if you were stuck with whoever/whatever your icon was for the rest of your life


I’m making her wear a shirt when we go shopping.

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Do it for her <3

Somebody send this picture to Jaune STAT View in High-Res


Do it for her <3

Somebody send this picture to Jaune STAT

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I’m so jealous of Blake in those “Sleep Brigade” comics skiretehfox drew.

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