Bring back spinzaku 2014

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Sidebar from last post:

My brother used to play with my sister’s Barbies growing up. Granted, he used them as hammers and made them ride in the back of his dump trucks, but he is now a manly redneck who has a very nice girlfriend.

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I don’t get why some people think that little boys playing with Barbies would make them gay. Barbie is a beautiful woman who you can undress as much as you want. That’s what a lot of straight guys are into, amirite?

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I’ve come to the conclusion that if I was a Pokemon, I would be an Espurr.

I think way, WAY too much and it torments me sometimes.

I think about existential things a lot. I have stared into the abyss.

There are… other reasons.

Official Pokedex Entry

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Okay but who else is trying to figure out what acronym Qrow, Summer Rose and [Yang’s mom] would work with the color theme?

Obviously they were Team SHAQ and their color was black

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My childhood would not have been complete without all those cartoons about mass-killing sea creatures. Whalers as far as the eye can see.

Samson and Sally is a helluva dark film.

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What does it mean to ‘have the sex’?
Starfire at some point
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Wolfie Watches: Another (anime)


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I’ve noticed that I’m happier when I’m not on my Tumblr dashboard.

There’s a lot of negativity and political correctness (which I can carry to paralyzing extremes) on there.

I may primarily just use my blog to write reviews of what I watch / play / read, or to tell you funny things that happen.

I like to be entertaining. Well, I try.

Sometimes I complain, but I’ll try to keep it down to a minimum, tag it, and put it under a cut. I’ve started journaling again (on paper).

So, see you here and there, mis amigos.

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Wolfie Watches: The Garden of Words

If you have 45 minutes on a rainy day, I highly recommend watching the short anime movie The Garden of Words.

Here’s a link to the dub on KissAnime (the sub is also available)

It has gorgeous animation, and a small but touching story. Definitely worth 45 minutes of your time, especially to those who feel like they’re stuck in some kind of limbo between adulthood and childhood.

My short, spoiler-filled review under the cut.

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“The story about where volcanoes come from” 

This is the most beautiful story I’ve ever read about the creation of volcanoes 

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Apparently my 2DS keeps track of how many hours I spend playing it.

I looked at it the other day and the numbers are truly saddening.

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My mom said That 70’s Show is a bad influence on my brother and that “If he starts talking like that, I’m gonna slap him upside the head.”

So I said, “Don’t you mean you’re gonna break your foot off in his ass?”


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